New England Patriots: 5 things we love about Rob Gronkowski

BUFFALO, NY - OCTOBER 30: Rob Gronkowski
BUFFALO, NY - OCTOBER 30: Rob Gronkowski /
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The Gronk Spike

FOXBORO, MA – OCTOBER 16: Rob Gronkowski
FOXBORO, MA – OCTOBER 16: Rob Gronkowski /

There has been no bigger red zone threat over the past several seasons than Rob Gronkowski.  The big target typically celebrates each touchdown he scores with spike of the ball in the end zone that has become his signature touchdown celebration.

Of course, this is a treat for fans because of how many times he has reached the end zone in his career. In fact, what has become known as the Gronk Spike has an entry in the Urban Dictionary.

How did the spike originate?

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Well, the touchdown celebratory move was first introduced Sept. 26, 2010 in a game against the Buffalo Bills.  However, it wasn’t until well into the 2011 NFL season that the spike became a consistent celebration of Gronkowski.

All-time franchise touchdown maker

Ironically, it was also against the Buffalo Bills this past October that Gronkowski broke Stanley Morgan’s franchise record for touchdown receptions.  The dynamic playmaker celebrated his 69th career touchdown with you guessed it, the Gronk Spike.

As far as setting the record, Rob Gronkowski described the feat as “unbelievable” and the fact that he did it near his hometown made the moment extra special.

"“It’s just unbelievable,” Gronkowski said following the October game.  “And to come back to my hometown where I grew up watching all the Bills games verses the Patriots – it’s just an unbelievable honor and just got to give a lot of credit to this organization overall for giving me all the opportunities and helping me to get to where I am.”"

Gronk didn’t get the chance to add to his touchdown record the remainder of the season, but he is primed to display more Gronk Spikes throughout the 2017 season and beyond.