New England Patriots: 5 observations on week 10 win over Broncos

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New England Patriots
DENVER, CO – NOVEMBER 12: Quarterback Tom Brady /

The New England Patriots dealt the Denver Broncos their 5th straight loss last night, defeating them by a score of 41-16.

There’s a lot to unpack here. Don’t you worry, we’ll unpack it, but for now it’s time to give thanks. Sure, Thanksgiving is a week and a half away, but sometimes it’s nice to express your appreciation for the important things in your life. I’m thankful for the New England Patriots.

Every week (except last week) the Patriots give me something to look forward to and root for. I’m sure you’re the same way. They don’t cause us agony, they don’t involve themselves in other parts of our lives. What they do is simple: they play football, and they play it well.

This week was no different.

When the Denver Broncos appear on the schedule, Pats nation becomes a little apprehensive. Maybe it’s their talented defense headed by prolific pass rusher Von Miller. Maybe it’s the two postseason losses they’ve handed the New England Patriots since 2014. Maybe it’s a frightening memory of Peyton Manning’s forehead. You know, Peyton Manning? The guy who used to play football and now makes pizza with Papa John? Yeah, him.

Coming off of a bye, the Patriots were doubly prepared for the Broncos in week 10. They manhandled their “punishing” defense to the tune of 398 yards of total offense and 41 points. Two weeks removed from Halloween, the Broncos forgot how to be scary.

So thank you, Patriots, for exploiting the Broncos defense (even though they were already exploited last weekend). Thank you for bringing together an entire region of sports fans. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your dynasty.

Now, let’s get to some specifics about the game. Welcome back to my weekly post-game column, where I give five observations about this week’s contest. It could be about a single play, a bad call, something funny I saw, or just about anything else. Whatever I considered notable enough to write about, you’ll hear about it. In the words of the GOAT Tom Brady himself, let’s go.