New England Patriots: Why we still love Jimmy Garoppolo


Jimmy Garoppolo has fared well since leaving the New England Patriots, leading the San Francisco 49ers to 3 straight wins.

I have never been as proud of a human being as I am of Jimmy Garoppolo. The former New England Patriots QB has been dominant since he took over the 49ers starting job, but that’s not surprising to any Patriots fans.

Jimmy G is no longer a member of the Pats, but that hasn’t stopped Patriots nation from cheering him on. He’s like a son to each and every one of us. We watched him train, grow, and develop into the quarterback that he is today.

So what exactly is it about Garoppolo that makes Patriots fans swoon? His devilishly good looks? His competitive nature? Maybe it’s his striking resemblance to Tom Brady under center.

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In my opinion, it’s a combination of all of these things. Jimmy Garoppolo is the physical embodiment of the New England Patriots. His competitiveness, professionalism, and success are all results of coming through the Patriots system.

He was the Karate Kid, and Tom Brady was Mr. Miyagi. He learned how to run an offense in the NFL, and he learned how to handle the media. He learned how to read defenses, study film, and how to make adjustments. More than anything else, he learned to be a leader.

While Jimmy G was stuck behind Brady on the depth chart, he was soaking in all the information he needed to succeed. As Patriots fans, we realized his potential. When he entered the game during garbage time, Patriots fans cheered as if Teddy Bruschi had walked onto the field.

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Whatever the reason, we could all see Tom Brady in the young Garoppolo. Now, we can see the resemblance more than ever.

Boston’s most beloved athlete is getting older, and despite his pliability, his days in the NFL are numbered. Whether his retirement comes in 1, 2, or 5 years, Tom Brady cannot play in the NFL forever. I’m sorry, is someone cutting onions?

When Patriots fans watch Jimmy Garoppolo, they’re watching who they believe to be the second coming of Brady. He’s not on our team anymore, but we know greatness when we see it. He was born in our arms, and he’s our football child. His uniform doesn’t change that fact.

And so explains the Garoppolo phenomenon. There is only one Tom Brady and there will only ever be one Tom Brady. But there’s hope for when the post-GOAT era is upon us. A beacon of light to counteract the Brady induced apocalypse.

There is no doubt in my mind that Jimmy Garoppolo is going to turn the 49ers franchise around. He’s already started to do so.

If one day Jimmy Garoppolo’s 49ers encountered Tom Brady’s Patriots in the Super Bowl, well, that would be prophetic.

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This Sunday, Jimmy G has his work cut out for him. I think I speak on behalf of all of Patriots nation when I say, beat those Jaguars. Miss you, kid.