Boston Bruins: David Backes not pleased with Nick Ritchie’s punishing hit

BOSTON, MA - DECEMBER 21: David Backes
BOSTON, MA - DECEMBER 21: David Backes /

After being forced to leave Tuesday’s game against the Anaheim Ducks, Boston Bruins forward David Backes gave his thoughts on Nick Ritchie’s controversial hit.

Usually Boston Bruins forward David Backes is the one delivering the punishing hits to opponents, but on Tuesday night the tables were turned. Backes was forced to leave the game after being steamrolled by Ducks forward Nick Ritchie.

Before Thursday’s game against the St.Louis Blues Backes gave his thoughts on the hit:

"“Wasn’t real pleased with it. I think those are the types of hits we’re trying to get out of the game – kind of late, inconsequential…the puck is not there. It’s a little high. I think if he finishes me through the body, I’d probably go flying just as much if that’s what his prerogative is. The result is, I’m thankfully not injured and continuing to play, and that’s the bright side of it.”"

Not what the doctor ordered

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The hit was late and seemed to be high on Backes. Thankfully he isn’t injured but there was a period when Backes was lying motionless on the ice where you worried that he may have been seriously hurt. With the Bruins banged up roster this season it was something you didn’t want to see.

My initial reaction to the hit was that Ritchie was headhunting. He went after Backes without the puck and landed his hit high. If you look at the play again it looks like the hit is shoulder to shoulder, but it was really unnecessary. Like Backes said just give a solid, clean check to the body.

It is one thing to try and swing the momentum of the game, but when you are going after a player it isn’t right. The hit on Backes didn’t do anything but piss Bruins Captain Zdeno Chara and the rest of the Bruins squad off. They were up 2-0 and had complete control of the game.

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Ritchie was not suspended but he better have eyes in the back of his head the next time he faces off against the Bruins.