New England Patriots: 3 players to watch on Super Bowl Sunday

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The New England Patriots will need other players to step up if they hope to win their sixth Super Bowl in the last 17 years.

Throughout the New England Patriots historical run, it seems like each win brings another unsung hero. And while the constants like Tom Brady, Danny Amendola, and Rob Gronkowski are players that can usually be counted on, there are often supporting cast members who make big plays when it matters most.

So, as New England prepares to try and win their sixth title in seventeen seasons, here are three players who could play monumental roles.

Stephon Gilmore

There is no question that Stephon Gilmore has made big strides in the second half of the season. During the AFC Championship Game, he came up huge on a fourth and long play in which he broke up a key pass from Blake Bortles. However, this will undisputedly be the biggest game of his career in Super Bowl LII.

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It remains to be seen whether or not he’ll be matched up one on one with Alshon Jeffrey or if someone else will with safety help. Never the less, he could be pivotal late in the game.

Ryan Allen

Yes, I know. Ryan Allen is the punter. However, if it wasn’t for some of his deep and accurate punts against Jacksonville, the Pats may not have been able to put extra pressure on the Jag’s offense. Should the New England Patriots offense stagnate early like in past Super Bowls, Allen’s left foot could keep the game close by flipping field position.

Phillip Dorsett

Again, like Allen, this is a surprise. But many beat reporters noticed that throughout the last two weeks, Dorsett’s performed very well at practice. Additionally, he’s had big catches in spurts throughout the season and could easily make a few clutch plays Sunday. And with all the attention on Rob Gronkowski, Danny Amendola, and the running backs, Dorsett could sneak his way into a key role, especially on third down. In the past, we’ve seen Malcolm Mitchell and Chris Hogan have similar games. You heard it here first! Or second.

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While there’s no guarantee that these players will have big games, it’s a strong possibility. Given the way Patriots Super Bowls generally have gone, there’s usually an unlikely hero. Therefore, these are the three New England Patriots to watch on Super Bowl Sunday.