No, the Patriots and Colts rivalry is not back on Chris Ballard


Indianapolis is upset with Josh McDaniels, but Chris Ballard could not be any more wrong in announcing the Patriots and Colts rivalry is back on.

Josh McDaniels was expected to become the next head coach of the Indianapolis Colts. They even announced the hiring and planned the press conference. Instead, he’s chosen to remain with the Patriots for 2018.

Of course, the switch upset Colts fans and their management, but they need to get over it. Josh McDaniels and the rest of the Patriots team could care less about what the Colts think, but on Wednesday Indianapolis held a press conference anyways.

Colts GM Chris Ballard, obviously upset, proclaimed “the rivalry is back on.”

He could not be more wrong.

The Patriots and the Colts do not have a rivalry any longer. They haven’t since Indy decided to turn their back on Peyton Manning. When he left for Denver, that is where the rivalry shifted. Now, with Manning out of the league, and the Colts relying on backup quarterbacks, there is no rivalry.

In order for a rivalry to exist, both teams need to be playing at a high level, and the series needs to be fairly even. The Colts haven’t beaten the Patriots since November 2009. Since then, the Patriots have won two more Super Bowls, appeared in another, and played in 7 straight AFC Championship Games. The Colts have just 20 wins combined in the last three seasons.

The last time the teams played, the Patriots won 34-27 and the Colts ran this ridiculous play.

This is like the Brooklyn Nets declaring a rivalry with the Golden State Warriors. On what planet does this make any sense!?

Somehow, Indianapolis Colts fans are actually loving this. Little do they know that they are probably about to endure another 7 or less win season in 2018. Have fun with that.

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Meanwhile, the Patriots will look to reload and make another run at a Super Bowl Championship. They’ll play the Colts in 2018 at Gillette Stadium, but the schedule has yet to be released. No matter when the game is played, it’s sure to provide some great storylines in the week prior. The NFL schedule will be released sometime in mid-April. The Colts will probably have that one circled on their calendar, but I doubt the Patriots will. Move on Chris Ballard.