New England Patriots: One big reason Rob Gronkowski should not retire

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(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images) /

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski told the media following the Super Bowl that he is weighing his options for the future, sending fans into panic.

Players retire early.  It happens all the time.  Detroit Lions fans know this well.  Not only have they seen Barry Sanders leave the game early, they recently witnessed Charles “Megatron” Johnson make a similar exit.  Could New England Patriots fans watch one of their own dominant players walk away from the game early? Could Rob Gronkowski really call it quits?

It’s possible, yet unlikely.

Following Super Bowl LII, the Patriots All-Pro tight end added another question mark to what will be an eventful offseason in New England.  Immediately following the big game, a dejected Rob Gronkowski was asked about possible retirement.  His answer wasn’t exactly a commitment to return in 2018.

"“I’m definitely going to look at my future, for sure,” Gronkowski said, via the Boston Herald.  “I’m going to sit down the next couple of weeks, see where I’m at.”"

While the suggestion of retirement caught many fans off guard, the amount of injuries this man has endured during his career makes it a serious possibility he hangs it up.  Of course, his response could be a result of not coming out on top in the Super Bowl.  Or, it could be a contract ploy as his remaining contract is still a bargain for a player who is the best at his position.

Whatever it is, the hope is that he does return.  After catching nine passes for 116 yards and two touchdowns in the 41-33 loss to the Eagles, Gronkowski showed that he is as dominant as ever.  The way he played in the second half of that game as well as the dominant performances in the regular season shows a man who is finally healthy and at the top of his game.

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To walk away now would be a shame.  It is his body, his future and his life that he will be taking into consideration, but it would be great to get through a season with Gronkowski, Julian Edelman, Brandin Cooks and Tom Brady all healthy.  The New England Patriots offense would be as unstoppable as ever.

At 28, Gronkowski is in his prime.  While he is an individual who has a definite future in the entertainment world, the hunger is still there.  Again, with how he played in the second half and the way he took over the Pittsburgh Steelers game in Week 15, there is no doubt this man has a lot of football left.

Even if it is just one more season, it would be great to see what he does when fully healthy.

Besides, he did promise fans he’ll be a part of a sixth Super Bowl trophy.  While he came close to fulfilling that promise on Sunday, he has unfinished business on the football field.  Rob Gronkowski doesn’t seem to be the type of person to not finish a job.

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And folks, that’s the main reason he shouldn’t retire…at least right now.