Boston Bruins: Why the Nick Holden trade is nothing special


The Boston Bruins made their first move of the trade deadline with the failing New York Rangers.

After the Boston Red Sox big move last night it appears the Boston Bruins are making some changes as well. They traded Rob O’Gara and a 2018 3rd round pick to the New York Rangers in exchange for defenseman Nick Holden.

The Rangers are in the midst of an awful season. They are in a hardcore selling state. So much so they seem to be okay letting go of some great players like J.T. Miller, Chris Kreider, Rick Nash, Ryan McDonagh, and Kevin Hayes. So it isn’t that surprising to see them make a move.

Holden is a depth defenseman. He adds some veteran experience having been in the NHL for seven years. The 30-year-old is coming off the best season of his career. Last season he had 11 goals and 23 assists.

This season Holden has been alright. He has 3 goals and 9 assists in 55 games. Holden is a solid depth player, but his play doesn’t jump off the screen. Since he has been paired with McDonagh all season you would think he would have better numbers. Holden is 6’4″ so he is a big body who can help clear players out, which is a bonus with the Bruins having some rather short defenseman.

Bruins didn’t give up a lot

The Boston Bruins gave up a defenseman in Rob O’Gara who like Holden isn’t anything special. He has played 11 games in the NHL and has not recorded a point. His rating sits at -4. So the Bruins aren’t losing a lot here. Even in the AHL O’Gara only had 2 goals and 6 assists this season. O’Gara is returning to his home as he was born in Massapequa, NY.

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The Bruins also gave up a third-round pick in next year’s draft, but don’t get worried Bruins fans, they still have plenty of picks and also just look at their roster. Just in the AHL there are plenty of players that could be making their way up to Boston in upcoming seasons.

The thing to wonder now is where Holden fits on the current roster? It’s well documented that I love the current roster and how they play, but I don’t think the Bruins are just going to keep this guy on the bench. The only place I can imagine him going is the last defensive pairing. It’s the only fit I can see for him.

The question would be who doesn’t play? Matt Grzelcyk is having a great rookie season so he shouldn’t be benched. I think it’s either McQuaid or Carlo. If it happened to be Carlo, McQuaid could slide up to the second line and be back with old linemate Torey Krug.

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Overall this trade is nothing special. No team really pulled the wool over someone’s eyes. The Bruins got a defenseman who can step in if a defenseman gets injured, hopefully that isn’t the case. It is good to have Holden, he is like a fire extinguisher, good to have in case something happens, but you hope you don’t have to use him.