New England Patriots: Should the Pats go after Lamar Jackson?

LOUISVILLE, KY - NOVEMBER 18: Lamar Jackson /

As the NFL Scouting Combine continues the New England Patriots are in need of a backup Quarterback. Could Lamar Jackson be the answer?

Lamar Jackson is a very interesting case. The Quarterback was pretty dominant in college, but now teams are asking Jackson to try out at Wide Receiver. Even though Jackson has never played the position. Jackson’s recent measurements still make him seem like a QB. At the combine he is listed at 6’2″. His overall size is similar to Andy Dalton. For Jackson’s sake that will hopefully be the only similarity he has with the Bengals Quarterback. Jackson’s hands were measured at 9.5 inches. You know who else was measured with that length? #2 overall pick last year Mitchell Trubisky. So plain and simply Jackson is indeed a Quarterback even though some want him to be a wideout. A Quarterback that the New England Patriots might want to take a look at.

A decent resume

Jackson had a successful career at Louisville. His last two years were some amazing football. Last season he had 3660 passing yards and 27 touchdowns. Jackson also added 1601 rushing yards with 18 rushing touchdowns. It was a slight step back as Jackson had an amazing sophomore year. He had 3543 passing yards and 30 touchdowns as well as 1571 rushing yards and 21 rushing touchdowns. He even ended up winning the Heisman Trophy.

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Jackson is a dual threat Quarterback, but his passing game will suffice in the NFL. If you brought him to New England to study under Tom Brady for a few years you could have a good replacement for Mr.Brady. Jackson’s arm is underrated as his running game seems to be focused on more.

His athleticism will cause teams to keep a linebacker spying him as Jackson can break loose in a split second. Deshaun Watson was very successful this season with the Texans so there’s no reason Jackson can’t succeed with better talent.

Jackson will likely be a late first round or a second round pick. The Patriots may be able to nab him in the later round. The main concern for the New England Patriots should be improving their defense, but if they are able to find a suitable backup for the future they should try and get him. We have already seen Jacoby Brissett be successful with the Pats and he was a quarterback who was mobile as well. So a player like Jackson is able to fit into the Patriots offensive schemes. Jackson also seems to be interested in joining the Patriots.

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Jackson may not be the best quarterback right now, but with some time studying under the G.O.A.T. he may the type of Quarterback that can win games for the New England Patriots. The TB12 method has kept Brady healthy this long, but he has to retire at some point. The Patriots need a backup for the future. Jackson could be that guy.