Boston Bruins: How team will adjust without Bergeron and McAvoy

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The Boston Bruins were handed some pretty bad news about Patrice Bergeron and Charlie McAvoy.

This season, the Boston Bruins have really been enjoying a much improved team. Currently sitting at second place in the Atlantic (and fourth overall in the entire league, taken from the NHL website).

However, things looked like they were going to take a turn for the worse with Bergeron’s injury. While Bergeron is still out, the Bruins announced standout defensemen Charlie McAoy will be out for four weeks with an MCL sprain.

With at least one week of both of them being out, the question becomes how much worry fans should have.

With these two out, what do the Bruins plan to do?

When it comes to these injuries, and the fact that March is a long month for the Bruins, some fans are worried.

Let’s take a look at how the Bruins are without Bergeron.

In the last three games, the Bruins have won all three games, including the Pittsburgh Penguins game in which they won in convincing fashion.

So it seems like the Bruins are able to manage without their star player. But, the real question is what will happen to the defense?

Well, the Boston Bruins will also have to make do without Charlie McAvoy (who is a plus 26 for plus/minus and 25 assists, not too shabby.

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It also seems like the Boston Bruins will try to replace him with the depth they have in Bradon Carlo (six assists and a plus 10, according to the NHL). There is a huge downgrade between the two already, and would Carlo and Chara work well together?

The Bruins will also look to have Nick Holden on the second line for the defense, pairing him with Torey Krug. This season, Holden is less than impressive with his stats. He’s a minus two and has 11 assists. The minus two is what is worrying the fans and it speaks to the Bruins depth at defense.

Do fans have a right to be worried? Or are they unjust?

To be honest, this could go either way. Yes it is worrying that in a tight race for the best spots in the Atlantic, the Bruins will be without their stars.

However, looking at the big picture, playoffs are right around the corner. By the time playoffs roll around, then Bergeron and McAvoy should be all healthy.

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When the Boston Bruins are all healthy, we have seen how much of a powerful team they are. So, are you on the side of worrying or will it all be OK?