Boston Celtics: Opponents could sense Kyrie Irving’s issues

Enes Kanter appeared on First Things First and admitted that it was easy to see that Kyrie Irving didn’t fit in with the Boston Celtics.

The dust may have settled with Kyrie Irving now on the Brooklyn Nets, but that doesn’t mean Boston Celtics fans won’t be talking about him. The point guard will be talking point among media members, and fans for years to come.

It also appears that some players will even talk about Irving’s short time in Boston as well.

In a short period of time, Enes Kanter has become what all fans hoped Kyrie Irving would be. Kanter has become one of the most likable athletes in the entire city.

At the home opener, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a ton of No.11 jerseys in TD Garden. This season they will just be saying Kanter on the back instead of Irving.

Now Kanter is known for his bold personality. I think he has been involved in more interviews and T.V. appearances than any other Celtics player this offseason.

Kanter made another appearance on Tuesday. This time he was at FS1 and he dropped an interesting tidbit about Kyrie Irving and the Celtics.

When chemistry issues are so bad opponents can sense it that is just horrible. It truly can’t get any worse.

But that is why I agree with Kanter’s ending statement. There is no doubt that the Celtics will be better without Kyrie Irving.

This season I expect to see a lot more ball movement. Kemba Walker will still be the Celtics primary scorer, but he will lift other players up as well. Instead of seeing Irving have 30 points and everyone else lags behind, I expect to see multiple players with 20 points each and every night.

Now Celtics fans are hoping that opponents will be shaking in their boots and not detecting any issues when the C’s are on the court this season.