Boston Celtics: Kyrie Irving was never committed to team

On Wednesday we learned what we all knew, that Kyrie Irving was never committed to the Boston Celtics

At some point you just have to embrace how poorly the Kyrie Irving trade went for the Boston Celtics. You can’t even blame Danny Ainge. No one could have expected things to end so badly.

It seemed like the 2018-19 season was dominated by questions about where Irving would end up. Even though Kyrie Irving committed to the Celtics before the season there was still a sense that he might get greedy and leave.

Then there was the dysfunction in the locker room. Kyrie was in his own world. No problems were his fault. He consistently blamed the Celtics young stars.

At All-Star weekend there was the famous conversation with Kevin Durant which looked to be a meeting of the minds talking about their futures. Apparently they were talking about what we all suspected.

Now we know that there was good reason to ask Irving where he would be playing after the season. According to Celtics GM Danny Ainge he knew that Irving was leaving as early as March.

No wonder this team was struggling. Their supposed face of the franchise already had his foot out the door. He didn’t care what happened as long as it led to him Brooklyn.

Irving cemented himself as one of the most hated athletes in the Boston sports landscape. Man I can not wait to see what happens when he comes back to TD garden. That will be fun to watch.

This just shows the underlying issue with Kyrie Irving. You can’t build a team around him because he is only concerned about promoting himself. Even though he is home now I don’t expect that to change.

So thanks for nothing Kyrie. I hope you have fun back home in Brooklyn.