Boston Celtics Rumors: Dreaming of Kevin Durant in Green

It might be a pipe dream but maybe Kevin Durant could end up with the Boston Celtics after all.

Kevin Durant coming to the Boston Celtics may sound so 2016, but there may in fact be a chance that he ends up on the Boston Celtics.

Now this is definitely a one in a million shot. If Durant ended up on the Celtics I would be shocked.

But just like Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant can be a weird human being. This is the same guy who used burner accounts to defend his name.

The main problem for Durant right now is his injury status. You are basically signing a player who won’t play at all next season. It will take Durant a long time to recover from his ruptured Achilles. Just like Gordon Hayward you have to wonder what type of player Durant will be when he returns.

But when Durant is on the court he is one of the best players in the NBA today. He can draw fouls with ease and is also a great shooter. He would take the Boston Celtics to the next level and maybe all the way to an NBA championship.

Durant was amazing last season for the Warriors. Every game he was far and away the best player on the court. In the regular season, Durant averaged 26 points, 6.4 rebounds, and 5.9 assists per game.

Also if Kevin Durant joined the Celtics that would most likely mean that Kyrie Irving would return. This may seem like a bad thing, but with KD on the team I think Irving would flourish. All of the pressure wouldn’t be on his shoulders.

It might be a long shot, but having Kevin Durant on the Boston Celtics would be amazing. The Celtics would once again be the favorites coming out of the East. Hopefully this time they won’t let us down.