Boston Celtics Rumors: Team should go all in on Steven Adams

The Boston Celtics need a center and Steven Adams could be the physical presence that they need.

Even though things may seem pretty bleak for the Boston Celtics things aren’t all that bad. Now it looks like the team will have some money and assets to throw around.

With Al Horford and Kyrie Irving getting ready to skip town the Celtics will have plenty of cap space. They should be able to re-sign Terry Rozier and still make a move for a free agent.

The main hole in the Celtics lineup right now is in the paint. Boston’s frontcourt isn’t looking so hot. Right now your starting center is Robert Williams.

Williams is a talented player, but I don’t know if he is ready to step into the starting lineup. We barely even saw him last season.

The Celtics definitely need a big man and Steven Adams would be perfect.

Adams is a physical presence. If you are going to the paint you are going to have to earn your two points. He may not be amazing on offense, but the Celtics are at there best when they are playing good defense.

Last season Adams averaged 13.9 points and 9.5 rebounds a game. The Celtics could definitely use his rebounding abilities.

This would be a homecoming of sorts for Adams. He went to high school in Fitchburg, Massachusetts.

I think that Adams would be a great acquisition. He is a beast in the paint and would help guys like Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown get some quality looks.

Even Terry Rozier would probably benefit if he decides to return to Boston. Rozier and Adams could become quite the pick and roll duo.

Adams may come at a discount as well. The Thunder have made him available because they are looking to shed cap space.

The Celtics could get rid of a draft pick and acquire a top up and coming center. Adams also still has two years left on his deal. You wouldn’t be mortgaging your future to acquire a rental. Adams could even stay in Boston once his contract expires.

The Boston Celtics need to make a move and Steven Adams would add some much-needed skills to Boston’s frontcourt.