Boston Celtics: Robert Williams still getting adjusted to NBA life

Life in the NBA may seem easy but Boston Celtics rookie Robert Williams is still adjusting to being in the league.

Robert Williams has become a fan favorite for the Boston Celtics. He has garnered his own nickname (Time Lord) and has made some insane plays on the hardwood.

From the beginning, Williams has come with some baggage. There were issues with Williams timeliness and that caused some problems. We saw Williams miss some flights and be late for some interviews.

Fans started to worry about Williams and even ponder if he was going to be a bust. These problems seemed so great that Williams even bought a place to live right next to the Celtics practice facility.

Now once Williams made it on to the court all these issues and doubts disappeared.

It seemed almost every game that Williams would make a highlight play whether it be a slam dunk, an alley-oop, or an insane block.

So far this season Williams is averaging 3 points, 1.6 blocks, and 2.8 rebounds a game. These don’t seem impressive, but it seems like every time he enters the game he ends up on the highlight reel.

Now Williams hasn’t had any off the court issues since joining the team, but it seems like he is still having issues with time.

“This might sound funny,” he said at practice today, “but I literally don’t know the days of the week. I promise, I couldn’t tell you what today is. I forget the days of the week.”

Well if that doesn’t make Robert Williams more relatable I don’t know what will. This is also hilarious since Williams nickname is “Time Lord.” If the “Time Lord” can’t keep track of time how am I, a mere mortal expected to keep track of time?

Williams is still dealing with a groin injury and will probably spend some time in the G-League. Still in a short period of time, Robert Williams has become one of the most beloved players on the Boston Celtics roster.

Hopefully the “Time Lord” doesn’t lose track of too much time.