New England Patriots: Tom Brady fueled with ‘more to prove’ in 2020

Tom Brady will play in the NFL in 2020, but the major question is whether or not he’ll be under center for the New England Patriots.

The NFL playoffs are not even halfway over yet and all anyone around the NFL can talk about is whether or not Tom Brady will be back with the New England Patriots in 2020.

Theories, speculation, rumors, they are all out there, but the only thing Brady has really hinted at following the team’s surprising exit from the playoffs is that he does plan to play in 2020.  Whether that is in the same uniform he has sported over the last 19 seasons remains to be seen.

With free agency setting in for the first time in his career, you better believe the six-time Super Bowl champion that is Tom Brady will be courted even entering a season in which he will turn 43 years of age.  The main question is whether or not Bill Belichick wants one more run with is Hall-of-Fame quarterback or is he ready to go in another direction.

That ultimately will be the deciding factor for a player as dedicated to the New England Patriots organization as Tom Brady.  With retirement also in play, TB12 put that idea to rest in a social media post in which he thanked fans and said he still has something to prove in his career.

What really stands out in the post, is the end in which he addresses his immediate future:

“In both life and football, failure is inevitable.  You don’t always win.  You can, however, learn from the failure, pick yourself up with great enthusiasm, and place yourself in the arena again.  And that’s right where you will find me.  Because I know I still have more to prove.”

Keep in mind that he is saying this just a week after the New England Patriots were eliminated from the playoffs.  What he is saying in early January may not be what his body feels come July.  But the hunger is definitely still there and what he still has to prove besides more NFL All-Time records and another Super Bowl victory is perhaps winning without Bill Belichick.

For his entire career he has been linked to the coach and vice versa.  Is it in both Brady and Belichick to part ways and prove their individual accomplishments without the other?

Could it be that the more Tom Brady has to prove is actually to his coach, who had his successor in Jimmy Garoppolo ready and waiting over two seasons ago?

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Or is it just that the great Tom Brady does not want to go out losing a home game in the AFC Wildcard round.  His competitive nature suggests these a little of each going on.

So, get ready for the daily rumors and speculation roller coaster ride.  A hungry and motivated Tom Brady who is out to prove he is still elite is entering free agency.

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