A life without the Boston Celtics and the NBA

It hasn’t been very long time since the Boston Celtics played a game due to the NBA suspending its season, but it’s felt like a lifetime.

The Boston Celtics were struggling post All-Star break.  They had some great wins on the road, however, in the last two weeks or so they were blowing leads and couldn’t close out games that they easily should have.

All-Star point guard Kemba Walker was nursing a sore knee, while stud Jaylen Brown had just pulled a hamstring and had to sit out.

This time off will allow players to heal and get their bodies right, it allows them time to spend with their loved ones that they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to do during the season.  However, as a fan it hasn’t exactly been the easiest thing.

As a lover of all things basketball, watching a season get suspended (rightfully so) has been difficult.  Watching Jayson Tatum break out into the superstar and be ‘the guy’ this season was so exciting, and no doubt whenever the season resumes he’ll be even better.

It’s difficult not to miss the little things. Game highlights from around the league, watching how many dunks Giannis had in a game, why people are mad at James Dolan this week and how disappointing the Philadelphia 76ers season has been.

Let’s not forget the draft.

The draft!  That all important event that’s supposed to take place in June, where teams build their futures and fans either get really excited or just boo their team for their choice (looking at you Knicks fans).  With everything basically suspended in the air, there’s no telling if the NBA will host its draft as normal this season, or even how it would work if they want to resume this season at some point.

The NFL is going to have their draft from a studio while people watch from home, which might be the route the NBA will have to go if things haven’t settled down by June.

It’s funny because you don’t realize how much you miss the sound of the ball bouncing or sneakers sliding on the hardwood, you don’t realize how much you miss broadcasters and the excitement of watching playoff seeding.

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Sports being suspended has been difficult, the NBA being suspended has been a whole different level of difficult.  Hopefully we see our Boston Celtics out here soon against a playoff opponent, with fans yelling from the stands inside the TD Garden.

In the meantime we’ll re-watch games, hoping to cheer on our C’s soon enough.

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