New England Patriots: 7 best players Tom Brady threw TD’s to over his career

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(Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images, New England Patriots)

Ranking the 7 best playmakers Tom Brady threw touchdowns to in his career with the New England Patriots.

Over the course of an incredible twenty years of Tom Brady as the quarterback of the New England Patriots, he has unequivocally accomplished all the NFL has to offer.

His seventeen division titles, nine conference championships, six Super Bowl victories, four Super Bowl MVP awards, and three league MVP awards are going to be a challenging feat to one day come by again.

Twenty years playing for the football genius of Bill Belichick seems to be easier said than done, but Brady realized early on in his career that Belichick was already en route to being the greatest coach in the game.

And for Brady to one day become the greatest quarterback of all time, he knew it would have to be with Belichick and the Patriots.

Brady always showed to have the same “team” mindset as Belichick over the years. He took endless pay cuts and lessened salaries throughout his entire career to better help create a championship team.

But in all reality, Brady could have been the highest paid player in the NFL multiple times during his tenure with the Patriots.

It’s almost contradictory to say that the team with the greatest quarterback of all time has struggled for the last twenty years in regards to finding wide receivers in the draft or in free agency that properly fit the Patriots’ system. It didn’t matter who the team had around Brady because it became a known fact that he was going to get the job done, as well as make the players around him better.

During his twenty years playing in New England, Brady has thrown 541 touchdown passes to an NFL record 77 different players. That number is set to change now that he is going to be playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this upcoming season.

Let’s take a look at some of the best players Brady has thrown touchdowns to over the years.

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