New England Patriots: Tom Brady has eyes on Super Bowl

Tom Brady is already focused on next season and has his eyes on one thing, bringing the New England Patriots (or some other team) to the Super Bowl.

The NFL season just ended but that doesn’t mean that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady isn’t working hard. The QB already has his sights set on the Super Bowl.

Now even though he wasn’t playing in the game, Brady still found his way to Miami. He was honored before the game as the NFL celebrated its 100th year anniversary.

Brady loves to use Instagram and he posted himself at a TB12 facility and vowed to be back at the Super Bowl next year. The only difference is that next year he doesn’t want to be wearing a blazer.

Now I hope Tom Brady is back there with the New England Patriots. If he was with another team that would be quite depressing.

I think that the New England Patriots can win a Super Bowl with Brady. They just need to get him some weapons. If the Patriots had a quality tight end and reliable wide receiver besides Julian Edelman I think they could be one of the best teams in the AFC.

Usually, as players get older they tend to not care as much. Especially when they have already won a Super Bowl like Brady.

But that is what makes Tom Brady special. Even with his age and success, he is still as driven as he has ever been.

Tom Brady is still one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL. There is no one I would rather have under center in New England.

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So next season we will see if Tom Brady comes through on his promise. If he does I hope he is wearing a New England Patriots jersey.


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