New England Patriots 2020 NFL Draft: James Proche could replace Julian Edelman

The New England Patriots passing game struggled in 2019. James Proche would be a perfect addition for an aging Tom Brady.

One of the things that stuck out in 2019 was how much the New England Patriots struggled. Of course, they had their problems running the ball, but the passing game was mediocre at best.

The narrative throughout the season was that Tom Brady didn’t have enough weapons. So I expect the Patriots to try and help Brady in the draft. Selecting James Proche would be a step in the right direction for New England.

Proche seems like a stereotypical Patriots receiver. He isn’t large so we would likely see him utilized as a slot receiver.

At the beginning of the year, Proche was projected to be a likely Day 3 selection. With his performance this season his stock has continued to rise.

In his final season at SMU, he had 111 catches for 1,125 yards and 15 touchdowns. As you can see Proche racks up receptions at a Julian Edelman like pace.

Patriots fans have to admit that Edelman is getting older. With all the hits he has taken he isn’t meant to have a long career.

Proche seems like he would be a perfect replacement for Edelman. James Proche is a speedster that is perfect for some dink and dunk passing. Brady doesn’t love to throw the deep ball so having another guy who can run crisp routes would help out a lot.

I don’t think the Patriots will have to move up to acquire James Proche. The Patriots have a ton of Day 2 draft picks so acquiring Proche wouldn’t be a difficult task.

Patriots scouts are apparently in love with Proche so I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up selecting Proche.

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So New England Patriots fans should keep an eye on James Proche as we get closer to the NFL Draft.


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