New England Patriots: 4 wide receivers worth targeting in NFL Draft

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(New England Patriots Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

The New England Patriots should consider drafting some wide receiver talent for the new decade of their franchise starting this season.

The New England Patriots are able and willing to do something this offseason that they haven’t really done so much of in the last 20 years, which is scout and target wide receivers in the middle to lower end of the NFL Draft.

Due to Tom Brady and his expectations of playing with experienced veterans, the Patriots have never really been a team who goes all in on some of these young and talented players who seem to be continuously coming out of the draft younger and more talented each year.

Now that Brady is no longer with the Patriots, the team finally has a chance to draft and develop young offensive skilled position players, and with Jarrett Stidham appearing to be under center this year, there’s a strong chance that the route trees and timing patterns are going to look much different than what the franchise has been accustomed to for the better part of 20 years.

With this type of logic, it would make sense for the Patriots to bring in young talent that they can develop and start to give Stidham some weapons in his arsenal. If there’s anything we learned from Brady, it’s that you don’t need top of the draft, grade A talent to run a successful offense.

In April’s upcoming draft, the New England Patriots will hold 16 picks, with one being in the first-round and zero in the second. It’s fair to say the New England Patriots will once again be doing most of their work in the middle of the draft and should target some wide receivers along the way.

These four wide receivers should be available at most times during the draft, but don’t be surprised if they get selected earlier than you may think.

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