New England Patriots: 3 players who benefit from Cam Newton signing

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New England Patriots

Cam Newton #1 (Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

The New England Patriots signed Cam Newton on Sunday and that move makes them a much stronger team going forward.

The New England Patriots finally made a splash in 2020. They signed Cam Newton and set the football world ablaze. After losing Tom Brady, New England replaced him with a former NFL MVP.

This move seems to be a great one for the Patriots. They get a great talent on a cheap deal. If Newton is healthy and his former self, New England could now go far in the playoffs this season.

There are also a ton of ripple effects thanks to the move. Looking at the AFC East as a whole it seems like the Patriots are once again the favorites. Now that they have a proven QB it’s hard to say the Bills will be a better team.

Even on New England’s roster, there are some major effects. There is now a quarterback competition in Foxboro. A job that seemed like it is Jarrett Stidham’s to lose is now completely up in the air.

One hopes that this doesn’t hurt Stidham’s confidence. The Patriots could have done some permanent damage that could hurt the team if Newton doesn’t work out. Hopefully, Stidham takes the competition in stride and is up for the challenge.

But having a guy like Newton on the roster makes a world of a difference and these three players could have some great seasons now that Cam is a Patriot.

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