New England Patriots: 5 players now the face of the organization in 2020

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New England Patriots Devin McCourty. (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)

Tom Brady is no longer walking through that door, but the New England Patriots still have depth in leadership as these 5 players become the face of the team.

No matter how many stars have played for the New England Patriots under the leadership of Bill Belichick, no player stands out as the face of the organization over the last two decades more than Tom Brady.

With six Super Bowl rings, of course Brady has been the man and, in a way, he will still be the face of the Patriots even while wearing a Tampa Bay Buccaneers uniform.

No matter what is going on in Foxborough, all eyes will be down there in Tampa checking to see what good ole’ Tom is doing, especially with another Patriots fan favorite Rob Gronkowski playing alongside him.

But, as much as Tom Brady will still have the hearts of fans, Bill Belichick and his team are on a new mission.  With a new quarterback in Cam Newton and a mix of young players and veterans, the New England Patriots will look different in 2020 on the field, but the work ethic, team-first mentality and “Do Your Job” approach will still remain.

Whether it’s Matthew Slater, Devin McCourty, Julian Edelman or a veteran presence like Lawrence Guy, the Patriots will remain competitive due to a winning attitude that has been established over the past two decades.

Although the cog in that winning machine is playing elsewhere, the culture is still there simply because Bill Belichick is still leading the ship.  If players buy in, the New England Patriots are competitive because they are coached to their strengths and do the things necessary to win football games.

That is what makes the New England Patriots the New England Patriots.

Now, with Tom Brady gone, who are the faces of the organization in 2020 and perhaps beyond?

Well, check out this list.

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