New England Patriots: Outside-the-box trade for top Rams receiver

Robert Woods #17 of the Los Angeles Rams (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images)
Robert Woods #17 of the Los Angeles Rams (Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images) /
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New England Patriots
New England Patriots trade targets Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp (Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images) /

If the New England Patriots want to complete in the AFC East this season and beyond, they need a top wide receiver. Of that there is no doubt whatsoever.

They don’t have a number one receiver. Yet, there may just be a way to get one from the Los Angeles Rams in an unorthodox trade that just might work out for both teams.

Cooper Kupp would be a great addition to the Patriots, as would his Rams teammate Robert Woods. Either would provide the New England Patriots with a top receiver.

The Rams would still have one of the two top guys and DeSean Jackson as starters. They also have their 2nd round pick from Louisville, Tutu Atwell, though he’s currently out now due to Covid-19.

A hypothetical trade of Stephon Gilmore would still definitely work one-for-one for either receiver, as well. A trade idea of Stephon Gilmore for Davante Adams of the Packers would also be terrific. Adams “only” caught 115 passes in just14 games last season. Very nice.

So, if a satisfactory solution to Gilmore’s situation can’t be worked out, the idea of trading him for a top wide receiver like one of the aforementioned Rams, or even better Adams, should definitely still be on the table.

So how might a trade not involving Gilmore work? Is such a deal theoretically possible? The answer is yes, maybe.

There just may be a way to make the Rams possibly consider trading one of these two top receivers. It would involve an unlikely suspect for New England; Patriots offensive left tackle, Isaiah Wynn, and maybe another player or draft pick.

So, before the barrages are unleashed, let’s take a look at how such a trade might just work for both clubs.

It would involve good players going in both directions so it won’t be easily accomplished. Yet, it might just be a win-win for the New England Patriots and the Rams.