Boston Red Sox Op/Ed: Big fan of the Sox City Connect uniforms

Chris Sale #41 of the Boston Red Sox (Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images)
Chris Sale #41 of the Boston Red Sox (Photo by Kathryn Riley/Getty Images) /

Yes, I admit it and am proud of it, I am a big fan of the Boston Red Sox City Connect uniforms, so sue me or get on the bandwagon because, these unis are cool.

Some may not think so. And some may think they are really hard on the eyes. Whatever. I like them a lot.

I freely admit I think these new uniforms are fantastic. They are not only good to look at, but they symbolize something else far more important than pitching and hitting baseballs.

Nike designed them and they are amazing. As Boston does as a city in history, and Massachusetts does as a state, they represent far more than baseball.

So for the traditionalists who decry any change in the traditional red, white, and blue of the Boston Red Sox (and there’s no complaint with that at all in this space I assure you), I say, get over it.

Alex Cora is a fan and evidently his players, who usually wear the red hose, like them as well. Good on you Red Sox players.

Chris Sale, the ace of Boston’s rotation, is evidently also a huge fan of the Sox spiffy new yellow unis. Go figure. Not to mention, these are players who weren’t here during the difficult times the city endured, which had occasioned the colors and the meaning.

Let’s explore this a bit more.

The Boston Red Sox new uniforms are a symbol for the city and well beyond

Hats off to the Boston Red Sox for this innovative and thoughtful departure from the usual in adopting their new uniforms. I sense Dr. Charles Steinberg’s handiwork in this, but who knows.

Let’s face it, the usual Boston Red Sox uniforms are OK, the color scheme is terrific, but they are, well, uninspiring. The yellow and powder blue uniform, however, is anything but.

They have arisen from the “Boston Strong” slogan that rang over the city and region after the dreadful events surrounding the Boston Marathon bombings back in 2013.

These uniforms are an inspiring message to all Bostonians, all New Englanders, and all Americans that we were all impacted by this tragedy and all stood strong together. We still do today.

In an inspiring moment to a hurting city, the great David Ortiz, an all-time Boston Red Sox great and a future Major League Hall-of-Famer said, “This is our bleeping city!”. He was right on target.

The city, the region with which it identifies, and the nation, the roots of which arose from the courage, fearlessness, and fortitude of a valiant people who stood up against oppression and seemingly insurmountable odds, will always prevail.

So the uniforms provide a message and from where else should, could this message emanate. The Cradle of Liberty, the Massachusetts General Assembly, and the people in 1775 said to paraphrase Big Papi,

"This is our bleeping city, this is our bleeping state, and this is our bleeping country, and no one, no nation, or no entity will ever erase our solemn individual right to be free."

That sentiment existed way back then. It existed several years ago. It exists today. And it will always exist in this nation.

So, this is clearly far afield of the baseball being played this weekend at Fenway Park which could determine whether or not the home team is a playoff team or also-rans.

Yet, nevertheless, the Boston Red Sox will wear these great uniforms and it will be a statement that Boston Strong, Massachusetts Strong, and America Strong persist.

It says here that these uniforms should not be transient, should not just fade away, but should become an integral part of the Boston Red Sox uniform repertoire in the future.

The meaning of the yellow and powder blue will remain regardless of the outcomes of these on-field tilts at Fenway Park.

The meaning and the symbolism are now part of the pain, the fabric, the essence of our city. It should not and will not fade from memory.

It binds us together as fellow Bostonians, New Englanders, and Americans in a bond of life, hope, and freedom.

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So, as the Red Sox drive hopefully toward a playoff spot with a big series against the New York Yankees this weekend (one down, unfortunately) and in the future, we should stop and contemplate just what those yellow and powder blue uniforms really signify.

For certain, they represent far more than the colors on a shirt on a baseball players’ back.

For that reason, we should salute the Boston Red Sox and its players for wearing these colors with pride. Boston Strong. Massachusetts Strong. America Strong. Always.