3 Boston Celtics thoughts on a team mired in mediocrity

Boston Celtics (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)
Boston Celtics (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images) /
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Boston Celtics
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Boston Celtics need a shakeup

Having observed the Boston Celtics for more years than wanting to admit, there are certain observations that can be asserted in the context of this current Celtics team.

First, the old ways of the past two decades aren’t what’s expected. Whatever the team is doing now, ain’t working and, changes must be made, major changes and the time is now.

The Boston Celtics first and foremost need a blockbuster trade that puts the imprint of one Brad Stevens on this franchise. Cut the cord, Brad, and go your own different way.

A trade for Domantis Sabonis from Indianapolis has been speculated about. Another target suggested here is Karl-Anthony Towns of Minnesota.

At what cost you may ask? Whatever it takes is the answer. This means that key players on the current team must go to make way for this new direction.  Who’s available? Everyone save Jason Tatum should be.

Some have speculated trading Jaylen Brown, an All-Star for certain in an exchange. No problem with that here if the requisite value is returned. If there’s no pain there will be no gain.

This trade also should bring the club into a new direction on the court. The team has been big-man averse over the past decade since the departure of one Kevin Garnett.

It needs to bring in the right big to transform the approach. Towns is a big, a true BIG in every sense of the word. Domantis Sabonis is also. Celtics teams of the past have thrived with true bigs on the team, from Bill Russell to Robert Parish, to Kevin Garnett. They won titles with them.

So the suggestion here to Mr. Stevens is this, bring in a big, pay the freight, shake this team to its mediocre foundations, and begin the Brad Stevens era.

Break free from the chains of the past and carve your own destiny. Take the risk. You’ve already secured your financial future and a major college coaching vacancy will always be available to you. There is really nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Go for the gusto. Energize the fan base. Bring some excitement! Be the Elon Musk of basketball. Forget the safe play and go for the best play.

And, in the worst case, if it flops, c’est la vie. Move on and be happy in the thought that you went for all the marbles and it just didn’t work out.

But then again, it just may work! And how sweet would that be? Well, let’s just say Red Auerbach, himself, the master risk-taker, would be smiling.