Could the Boston Red Sox trade Xander Bogaerts this season?

Xander Bogaerts #2 of the Boston Red Sox (Photo By Winslow Townson/Getty Images)
Xander Bogaerts #2 of the Boston Red Sox (Photo By Winslow Townson/Getty Images) /

The Boston Red Sox season isn’t exactly going as planned. So far, they are well below .500 and in the cellar of the American League East. Certainly, nobody could have expected this from the Red Sox after their improbable run to the ALCS last season.

But now with the 2022 campaign off to a rough start, everyone is starting to anxiously pay attention to Xander Bogaerts. Bogaerts, who can opt out of his deal after the 2022 season, failed to reach an extension with the Sox this past offseason. With contract negotiations going nowhere, Bogaerts future in Boston seems to be on thin ice.

So if the Red Sox season continues to go in a downward spiral, there is a question that unfortunately may need to be answered; will Bogaerts get traded by the Red Sox before the end of the season? Let’s look into the facts.

Are the Boston Red Sox REALLY looking toward their future?

We’ve heard the message loud and clear from Chaim Bloom based on his actions: it’s all about the future. That’s great. But what about the present?

The Red Sox already have Bogaerts and Rafael Devers on their roster, two guys who SHOULD be the future of the franchise. So, why aren’t they both signed to long-term deals? Bogaerts lack of a deal is especially confusing, as he’s been with the team since their World Series run in 2013!

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So it’s fair to ask if the Boston Red Sox really care about the state of their future. Bogaerts is a cornerstone player for this Red Sox team. If you don’t resign him and end up trading him, it’ll feel like Jon Lester in 2014 all over again.

There are teams already thinking about the Boston Red Sox shortstop

If the season continues to get worse and worse, the Boston Red Sox could look at trade options for Xander Bogaerts. And even though we are just over a month into the season, there are already teams that are being linked to Bogaerts as the season progresses onward.

One team that is already being linked to potentially pursuing Bogaerts is the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cardinals are in need of a shortstop if they want to contend in the National League Central division. So that proves the point that teams are already speculating about the potential departure of Bogaerts from Boston.

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And guess what Red Sox fans? There will be even more rumors coming in if the season doesn’t get on track and/or if the Red Sox and Bogaerts can’t reach an extension.

It would be a travesty if the Boston Red Sox traded away Xander Bogaerts

Look, I am going to say what every other Red Sox fan is thinking at this moment about Xander Bogaerts. He can’t be traded and he should be extended by now. Plain and simple, no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Are there going to be trade rumors as the season goes along? Sure. It’s naturally going to happen. Especially when a star player could be leaving a team, based off of a contract situation.

Why should Bogaerts even be in this position? You would’ve thought by now that the Red Sox would’ve been smarter about this. Especially after what they went through with the Lester situation back in 2014. Look what happened there; they lost a border-line Hall of Fame pitcher that could’ve been their ace for several more seasons.

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This is obviously different, though. The Red Sox would lose a fan favorite and one of their most productive players in Bogaerts if they were to trade him. But here is the bottom line, Red Sox fans; enjoy this season with Xander Bogaerts, especially the next few months. Come July, Bogaerts could be in a different uniform and Red Sox fans will be sick to their stomachs, similar to 2014.

Please Red Sox ownership, make this right. Don’t trade Xander Bogaerts and get this extension done. We beg you!