Boston Celtics Rumors: 2 players who could get traded after initial moves

Boston Celtics guard Derrick White (9) Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports
Boston Celtics guard Derrick White (9) Mandatory Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports /
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Boston Celtics trade candidate No. 2: Payton Pritchard

Payton Pritchard has quickly turned himself into a fan favorite during his first two seasons in Boston. The fiery undersized guard has a knack for hitting tough shots regularly, which has helped him earn a spot in the rotation despite his defensive limitations. Pritchard was a consistent source of offense up until the Finals, and his struggles there were a big reason Boston came up short against the Golden State Warriors.

The 2021-22 season was an odd season for Pritchard overall though. He seemed like a sure bet to feature in the rotation after a strong rookie season, but he struggled early and was dropped from the rotation entirely. He was able to make his way back into the action eventually, but Pritchard runs hot or cold way too often to earn consistent minutes it seems.

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Despite the trade deadline acquisition of Derrick White, Pritchard held onto his minutes well into the postseason. The acquisition of Brogdon may change things though. Brogdon is pretty much everything Pritchard isn’t; he’s not the flashiest player, but he consistently scores and plays a brand of defense that makes him a perfect fit with the Celtics.

Pritchard may not have any minutes left for him, and maybe Boston could move him, whether it be on his own or in a bigger deal, to shore up their rotation. With White, Brogdon, and Marcus Smart all ahead of him in the rotation (with White and Brogdon both most likely coming off the bench) Pritchard’s path to consistent minutes seems blocked for the time being.

Pritchard is a very solid player when he’s on, but when he’s not hitting shots, you can’t really justify playing him. He went cold at the worst possible time for the C’s last season, and the front office moved to ensure that the same thing won’t happen next season. Pritchard has a lot of upside, and there are a lot of reasons to keep him around, but it may make the most sense to trade him now and fortify other areas of the roster.