Matt Barnes is no longer the answer for the Boston Red Sox

Matt Barnes #32 of the Boston Red Sox (Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images)
Matt Barnes #32 of the Boston Red Sox (Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images) /

The Boston Red Sox have a lot of questions as they head into the MLB trade deadline next Tuesday. Some of those questions have to do with their mediocre bullpen. Matt Barnes used to be a name that excited Red Sox fans when he took the mound. But make no mistake about it now; Matt Barnes is NOT the answer for this Red Sox bullpen.

Matt Barnes cannot get anybody out for the Boston Red Sox

It’s as simple as this. Matt Barnes can’t get anybody out. Even in the minors leagues!

The Boston Red Sox have major problems with Matt Barnes if he can’t get guys out in Worcester. I mean, what happened to the guy that had a devastating fastball and wipeout curveball? I haven’t seen that version of Matt Barnes in quite some time.

Look at the stat line from Barnes with the Worcester Red Sox the other night. Not the Boston Red Sox. The Worcester Red Sox. One inning, two hits, two earned runs, one walk, and zero strikeouts. Again, this is against a Triple-A lineup. Know what that tells me?

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It tells me that Barnes can’t get guys out anymore. Barnes has been so terrible for the Boston Red Sox since he signed his extension in July of 2021. He has an ERA of 6.92 since he signed that extension. Simply unacceptable and disgusting!

So what happens now with Matt Barnes and the Boston Red Sox?

At this point, I honestly have no idea what happens with Barnes and the Boston Red Sox. It seems like such a loaded question with no real solution. Chaim Bloom could get on the phone with other MLB organizations and ask about their interest in Barnes. But I’m sure a lot of them would just laugh in Bloom’s face and then hang up the phone. At this point, you’re at a crossroads with Barnes if you are the Red Sox.

On one hand, you can continue to rehab him. You hope he finds his stride again and goes back to being the elite set-up man/closer that he’s been in the past. Then at least at that point, Alex Cora can get some decent use out of him.

On the other hand, he continues to show no signs of significant improvement. The numbers are what they are at this point. He can’t seem to get minor league hitters out. Especially by way of the strikeout! So if he isn’t striking guys out, that’s not good for this bullpen.

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The bottom line is that Matt Barnes should no longer be an option for the Boston Red Sox. It’s similar to waiting for Chris Sale in the rotation at this point. Meaning you won’t get the same production as you once did before. It’s truly a shame, because at one point, Barnes was a dominant big league bullpen arm. Now, he’s continuously trying to find it. Might as well sell him too while you’re at it, Chaim!