players fighting for their jobs players fighting for their jobs

Pats Fan Bribes Matthew Judon in Funny Training Camp Moment

Matthew Judon was involved in a funny training camp moment when a Patriots fan bribed him after practice on Monday.
Matthew Judon was involved in a funny training camp moment when a Patriots fan bribed him after practice on Monday. /

Training camp brings the whole spectrum of attitudes and emotions in the NFL. There are players fighting for their jobs and trying to finally prove themselves in camp battles, but that doesn’t mean its all intense. These guys love football, and this is their first chance to get back to real football since the previous season.

It’s also a unique opportunity to engage with fans, as teams hold plenty of practices that are open to the public. And Patriots start Matthew Judon had a great opportunity to interactive with a fan who got creative in trying to bribe Judon for an autograph.

Judon’s clearly got some incredible discipline, because I can tell you right now there is a zero percent chance I could resist someone offering me free Taco Bell after a hard a workout. But despite being a strong enough adherent of the Patriot Way to resist the allure of fast food, Judon clearly loved the gesture and the fan got a great photo op anyway.

It’s always fun to see lighthearted Patriots moments like this, because so many people are set on painting Bill Belichick’s team as a no-fun unit that makes life hell for the players. But so many stars clearly love the Patriots organization and fan bases, and it shows.

Of course, training camp is mostly business for the Pats this year, because this team has a long way to go to live up to its potential. Missing the postseason again would be a massive disappointment, but we’re also playing in one of the toughest divisions in the NFL.

It’s going to take a tremendous effort from everyone in the organization, coaches and players alike, to make a push for the postseason. And for a fanbase who has long been accustomed to excellence, falling short again this season could put some high-profile Patriots on the hot seat.

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