Red Sox Shouldn’t Wait Until Offseason to Fire Chaim Bloom

3 reasons the Red Sox need to fire Chaim Bloom: Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports
3 reasons the Red Sox need to fire Chaim Bloom: Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports /

In September 2019, the Boston Red Sox fired Dave Dombrowski as their president of baseball operations. Four years later, the time has come to fire the man who replaced him.

Because for the third time in those four years, the Red Sox find themselves battling for last place in the AL East, rather than a playoff spot. That is simply unacceptable for Boston, an organization with vast resources, a large payroll and a rabid fanbase.

Chaim Bloom needs to go, and he needed to go yesterday. With the sun setting on another one of his failed seasons, the Red Sox can’t afford to let him screw up another offseason.

Red Sox Should Fire Chaim Bloom ASAP

By now, Bloom has committed four years of fireable offenses. Trading Mookie Betts was a big one. Letting Xander Bogaerts leave for nothing was another.

A number of disturbing trends have emerged under Bloom’s watch. Continuously neglecting key positions and leaving gaping holes on the roster appears to be part of his M.O. So is trading established stars for unproven prospects (but not vice versa), because the future is always more important than the present. His clubs consistently rate among the worst defensive teams in the league, and their baserunning is atrocious as well.

But worst of all, Bloom’s shown a total lack of urgency. When his teams have needed help at the trade deadline, he’s repeatedly let them down. He seems totally unwilling or incapable of pushing his chips into the pile, going for singles when other GMs like Dombrowski are going for home runs.

That type of mentality doesn’t fly in Boston. The Red Sox are expected to contend every year, not some vague timeline in the distant future. They need someone in charge who wants to win now and will be aggressive when necessary. Bloom has proven that he’s not that guy.

Boston took a chance on Bloom by making him Chief Baseball Officer even though he’d never run a big-league team before. They’ve given him four years of opportunities, but the time has come to pull the plug. With another pivotal offseason coming up and the Red Sox still several big moves away from contention, they need someone who can right the ship and set the team up for success in 2024 and beyond.

The sooner they find that person, the better.

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