Red Sox Fans Deserve Better After Latest Disgraceful Collapse

The Red Sox are officially toast after their latest collapse: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports
The Red Sox are officially toast after their latest collapse: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports /

It isn’t even September yet, and the Red Sox are already out of the playoff race. After losing four of their last five — including three straight in embarrassing fashion — they’ve fallen 6.5 games out of a postseason spot with 29 games to play. Their playoff odds are just 1.9% according to Baseball-Reference, and their season is effectively over.

And with football season just around the corner, even the most rabid Boston fans are starting to check out.

Red Sox Collapse

The Red Sox’s latest skid, which occurred at Fenway Park in front of their home fans, has been particularly tough to watch. Alex Cora sat on his hands while his bullpen blew winnable games on Sunday and Monday, Boston’s defense was characteristically awful on Tuesday, and there have been the usual buffet of baserunning mistakes as well.

There’s still a month to go, but the white flag has already been waved.

For fans spending their hard-earned time and money to see these games in person or on TV, the Red Sox are proving once and for all that they are not worth watching. The front office failed to invest in them at the trade deadline and they predictably collapsed, so the time has come for fans to stop investing in them.

So for the third time in four years, Boston will not play meaningful baseball in September. For the fourth time in five years, there will be no playoff games to look forward to.

Red Sox fans deserve better than this. They pay some of the highest ticket prices in the sport to see their team play in an ancient ballpark that pre-dates World War I. They spend more to watch the games on TV. They’ve stuck with the team through a number of embarrassing front office mistakes (Mookie Betts, Xander Bogaerts etc.), and their reward is an underwhelming product on the field that plays consistently bad, sloppy baseball.

Chaim Bloom needs to go. Cora needs to go. And ownership needs to start spending on high-end talent again, rather than settling for mid-tier free agents and dumpster diving on the waiver wire. They need to get back to being the Red Sox, rather than this overpriced, underachieving club that appears content to toil in mediocrity.

Rooting for Boston used to be fun. It used to be exciting, or at the very least, interesting. Now it’s just depressing.

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