3 Best Remaining Free Agents the Patriots Can Still Sign After the Draft

What free agents could we see the New England Patriots sign with the 2024 NFL Draft in the books?
New England Patriots
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3. Tyler Boyd, WR

Once again, the New England Patriots desperately need to surround Drake Maye with the best talent possible. There are receivers available in free agency who may have been better a couple of years ago, but why would the Pats not load up if these guys are available in the "clearance" section?

A player like Tyler Boyd has been a valuable outlet for Joe Burrow in his formative years. He's able to play out of the slot, and he has played in a lot of big games.

When you look at New England's overall depth chart at receiver and see guys like JuJu Smith-Schuster and KJ Osborn in line to play substantial snaps in 2024, you almost feel bad for Drake Maye. Those guys could end up being a better sum of their parts than we anticipate, but it would be foolish for New England not to bring someone like Boyd into camp and at least push these other guys.

Adding a receiver like this would raise the floor of the position, meaning the Patriots could still prioritize their younger guys with upside but would have better options to fall back on. Boyd may not be a 1,000-yard receiver at this point but he's still capable of taking on at least four targets per week as a featured option.

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