3 Duds (& 2 Studs) From Patriots Week 6 Loss vs. Raiders

The 2023 NFL season presents a rocky start for the New England Patriots, with a disappointing 1-5 record. Distinguished performances by certain team members fail to cover up the underwhelming play by others.

New England Patriots
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Stud: Jabrill Peppers, safety

I think you have to give Jabrill Peppers his flowers for his incredible hit on Davante Adams. Just feast your eyes on this:

This is the kind of hit that used to get celebrated in a weekly segment on ESPN. This is the kind of hit that used to make ESPN's Top 10 plays. This is the kind of hit that would have made the NFL's annual highlight reel.

You don't often see hits like this celebrated anymore, because if Davante Adams had acted seriously hurt after this play, the officials are borderline trained to throw a flag. But Adams, to his credit, got right up after this hit, which ultimately resulted in an interception. This was such a huge play by Peppers, who led the team in total tackles at seven.

This is just a fantastic—and legal—hit that will have every throwback NFL safety's approval.

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