3 Former Patriots Who Will Fail Miserably With Their New Teams After Free Agency

Which former Patriots are destined to fail in 2024?

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The New England Patriots have had a busy 2024 offseason already when it comes to player movement, and it's only going to get more interesting as we approach the 2024 NFL Draft. The Patriots have signed 12 players and brought back some familiar faces in the process, but they've also lost a number of guys on both sides of the ball.

Not that the Patriots should be trying to "run it back" anyway. This is a team that featured one of the league's worst offenses in recent memory this past season, so they certainly shouldn't be in a hurry to bring back players from that unit. We've seen a number of players from this Patriots roster leave for "greener pastures" but they might find the grass isn't exactly greener on the other side.

Which former Patriots are in line to potentially fail in 2024? Let's look at a trio.

1. Mac Jones, QB (Jaguars)

The situation for Mac Jones went from bad, to worse, to pretty miserable in all honesty. There is value in a change of scenery sometimes, and Mac Jones is definitely going to have better coaching at his particular position with the Jaguars, but his value is not likely to increase this coming year when he's about to hit free agency.

And that's tough.

The former first-round pick obviously would have loved to have gotten sent to a situation where he wasn't bound to the bench this offseason, but perhaps a return to his roots (Jones is a Jacksonville native) will do well for him. It's just hard to see things going overly well when he's stuck behind his 2021 NFL Draft classmate Trevor Lawrence.