3 Former Patriots Who Will Fail Miserably With Their New Teams After Free Agency

Which former Patriots are destined to fail in 2024?
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2. DeVante Parker, WR (Eagles)

The New England Patriots had to be laughing hysterically at the fact that some NFL team picked up DeVante Parker almost immediately after the Pats let him go. With all due respect to the former first-round pick out of Louisville, Parker has been one of the bigger NFL Draft disappointments at his position in recent memory.

This statistic really paints the picture well:

So, let's ask ourselves what exactly the Philadelphia Eagles think they're getting here? Sure, Parker only signed for one year, $1.21 million in Philadelphia. He got the veteran minimum, and may not even be guaranteed a roster spot.

And finishing dead last in separation four years in a row doesn't exactly inspire a ton of confidence that he's going to be able to go out to Philly and provide them with a much-needed third option in the passing game at wide receiver. That was an area the Eagles really struggled last year.

It just doesn't feel like a wise investment on their part. It's possible that Parker is just beyond the point of no return at this stage of his NFL career.