3 Immediate Trades the Patriots Must Make to Make a Playoff Push

The Patriots made a statement with their Week 7 win over the Bills. Now it's time to get them some help.
3 trades the New England Patriots must make ASAP in order to make the playoffs.
3 trades the New England Patriots must make ASAP in order to make the playoffs. / David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Fix the Offensive Line

New England's offensive line has been a mess all season, and it's absolutely killing this team. The Patriots can't run the ball effectively (27th in rushing yards, 26th in yards per attempt) or keep the pocket clean for Jones, who is constantly under pressure and forced to make throws under duress, which might have something to do with all his turnovers.

Again, this was something that New England failed to properly address in the offseason and needs to address now. The team is still searching for answers after reuniting with Conor McDermott last week, but signing guys off the scrap heap isn't the solution. In fact, it's the reason the Patriots are in this mess in the first place.

Belichick needs to trade for a legit, proven tackle who can anchor the offensive line and provide some stability there. All the shuffling isn't doing anyone any good and clearly isn't having the desired results, so it's time to go in a different direction and get someone with an established track record.

Good offensive linemen are valuable commodities and aren't given up easily, so Bill will need to get creative here. Packaging picks with an offensive lineman and perhaps Malik Cunningham might be enough to tempt one of the league's bottom-feeders to help them out. Jonah Williams on the Cincinnati Bengals could be an option as well given that he's an impending free agent who requested a trade last offseason.