3 Patriots Already on the Chopping Block Before OTAs

Which Patriots players are already on the chopping block with OTAs looming?
New England Patriots
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2. JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR

At this point, we may just be waiting for the inevitable when it comes to JuJu Smith-Schuster. Smith-Schuster hasn't been good since his early years with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and just like a toothpaste tube that's about empty, it looks like the Kansas City Chiefs may have squeezed the last bit that was left.

Smith-Schuster seems a lot more focused on things outside of football, and as bad as New England's offense was as a whole last year, Smith-Schuster was worse. He was targeted 47 times and wound up catching just 29 passes with one touchdown.

Those numbers are staggering when you consider that Smith-Schuster signed a deal in the offseason for $25 million over three seasons, including $16 million in guarantees. On the surface, you might assume that type of deal would stick the Patriots with Smith-Schuster for at least another season, but there would be no reason to deal with that lack of production and perhaps the Broncos' decision to move on from Russell Wilson this offseason could motivate teams like the Patriots to just eat the dead money with a guy like Smith-Schuster.

It might be better than having dead weight on the roster and having a guy steal snaps from young players who might actually be part of your franchise's future.