3 Patriots on the Trade Block After the NFL Draft

Which Patriots players could be traded now that the 2024 NFL Draft is over?
New England Patriots
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2. Tyquan Thornton, WR

Speaking of Tyquan Thornton, it might be coming close to the time where the New England Patriots start thinking about trading him at the receiver position as well.

Thornton was a 2nd-round pick out of Baylor in the 2022 NFL Draft and played in just 9 games catching 13 passes for 91 yards. He had just 22 catches his rookie season, and Bill Belichick said during the 2024 NFL Draft that you typically can evaluate a draft pick fairly about midway through their second NFL season.

If that's how the Patriots are still operating, then it's time to find Thornton and his big-time speed a fresh start. Wide receivers with multiple years left on a rookie contract can be some of the easiest commodities to trade in today's NFL because teams believe in their scouting reports, they believe they can turn anyone into a reclamation project, and scouts/GMs don't always give up on guys until their 3rd or 4th shot.

Thornton is still young -- he's only 23 -- and there would almost certainly be teams out there willing to take a shot on him. The Patriots should move forward with their other young guys and get this guy a fresh opportunity elsewhere.