5 Immediate Changes That Will Make the Patriots Playoff Contenders

New England can still save its season if it acts fast.

5 changes the Patriots must make ASAP to save their season.
5 changes the Patriots must make ASAP to save their season. / Brian Fluharty-USA TODAY Sports
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4. Trade for a Top Receiver

The Patriots haven't had a true No. 1 receiver in, well, a really long time.

They should have DeAndre Hopkins right now, but they totally botched their negotiations with him in free agency. They should have at least kept Jakobi Meyers, but they screwed that up as well.

Fortunately, there's still time to add one via trade. Davante Adams has expressed his discontent with the Las Vegas Raiders and is already looking for a change of scenery. The Carolina Panthers will probably put Adam Thielen up for sale if they're smart, and guys like Jerry Jeudy and Marquise Brown could be available as well.

New England needs someone to lead its receiving corps, because Smith-Schuster ain't it. The offense needs a true playmaker who can get open downfield and beat defenders 1-on-1. That will make life much easier for Jones or whoever is under center for the Pats.

You need a No. 1 receiver to have a successful offense in the modern NFL, and it's time New England finally got one.