5 Patriots Offseason Moves That Are Already Flops at Midway Point of Season

Which moves did the New England Patriots make in the offseason that already look like flops?
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3. Signing RB Ezekiel Elliott

It's hard to blame the New England Patriots for signing a player like Ezekiel Elliott. At the time he was signed, Elliott was undoubtedly sitting around in free agency for a little longer than he probably should have. I think he's still a solid player but this Patriots offense is so incompetent, it feels like he signed with New England as more of a "take the first offer you get" than anything else.

And so far this season, the signing looks exactly like the square peg in a round hole many felt it ws when Elliott inked his deal with the Patriots.

So far this season, Elliott is averaging 3.8 yards per carry and 30.8 yards per game. He has also added 16 receptions, but just for 74 yards, a horrible 4.6 yards per reception average. Patriots fans were not overly happy about Elliott stealing carries from Rhamondre Stevenson in the team's recent loss to the Washington Commanders, either.

At 3.9 yards per touch, Ezekiel Elliott has the lowest efficiency rate per touch out of any player on the entire Patriots roster right now. There were some rumors that he could be traded at the deadline, but nothing materialized.

Watching Elliott this season, you can't help but wonder if the Patriots wouldn't be better off just rolling with younger players at the position instead of spinning their wheels with a veteran who won't be on the team after the season.