5 Patriots Offseason Moves That Are Already Flops at Midway Point of Season

Which moves did the New England Patriots make in the offseason that already look like flops?
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4. Trading for CB JC Jackson

Alright, I think we need to talk about this absolute disaster, even though we're cheating here because this was not technically an "offseason" move.

This was simply one of the Patriots' more curious moves of the year to bring back JC Jackson, regardless of how little compensation the Los Angeles Chargers required in return or how much money they were willing to eat to facilitate the trade.

After picking off about a million passes in his first handful of NFL seasons, the Los Angeles Chargers made JC Jackson one of the highest-paid free agents in the NFL last offseason, giving him a deal with $40 million guaranteed at signing. He proved to be a major free agent bust for the Chargers, who returned that package to sender.

The Chargers dumped Jackson back on the Patriots due to a myriad of issues, and it doesn't seem like anything is really going better for him in New England right now...

This is really a bad situation, and you can only hope that Jackson is going to be okay personally.