5 Patriots Who Will Leave With Bill Belichick

Which Patriots players will leave with Bill Belichick if the unthinkable actually happens?
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The New England Patriots franchise and fan base are bracing for potentially one of the most shocking bits of news that could possibly happen. Even with Tom Brady leaving the Patriots and winning a Super Bowl elsewhere, the idea of Bill Belichick leaving New England in any way besides riding into the sunset feels like a nightmare more than a potential reality. And yet, rumors have been swirling about Belichick potentially leaving or getting traded -- his time with the Patriots coming to an end.

While that would be plenty to have to deal with for fans of the team, it's possible that Belichick could be quickly followed by a variety of players currently on this New England roster to help cement his culture elsewhere. We all know how much Belichick's disciples like to bring guys from New England with them to other NFL cities, and we shouldn't expect Bill himself to be any different if he starts fresh with another club.

But which players would be most likely to follow him? Let's take a look at the top five.

5 players likely to follow Bill Belichick if he leaves the Patriots

1. Kendrick Bourne, WR

The New England Patriots' offense has been horrendous all year long, but the one guy who has pretty consistently produced is wide receiver Kendrick Bourne. After spending the first four years of his NFL career with the San Francisco 49ers, Bourne joined the Patriots in 2021 and has been a really solid and underrated player for them who has drawn some trade interest around the league.

I think even with Bourne coming off of a torn ACL, if the legendary Patriots head coach does leave for another team, Bourne is exactly the type of role player he'd want to have in his offense and someone who understands the way he operates his program.