5 Patriots Who Won't Survive the Season Following 1-5 Start

Which New England Patriots players are on the chopping block this year?

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Things in New England are about the worst they really ever have been under head coach Bill Belichick. With a 1-5 record heading into Week 7 of the season, the Patriots are on the brink of becoming irrelevant before the midway point of the season. A matchup against the Buffalo Bills, even playing at home, doesn't really help, either.

While there are bigger long-term questions at hand, what could be some of the more immediate repercussions of a start this bad? Which players (and maybe coach) could be on the chopping block for New England after a dreadful start like this? Let's take a look at a handful, starting with the most obvious...

1. Mac Jones, QB

I think this is stating the obvious, but the Patriots don't really know where to turn besides Mac Jones right now. We've seen them do some significant shuffling throughout the last couple of months, cutting Bailey Zappe, bringing him back, signing Matt Corral, letting him go, and now signing Malik Cunningham to the active roster. The Patriots also added Will Grier.

If they move off of Mac Jones, it's fair to ask the question -- where are the Patriots even comfortable turning?

Maybe they should give Carson Wentz a call, and see if anything sticks with that one.

Whatever the case, it's easy to see a scenario where Mac Jones gets benched before the end of the season, it's just hard to know exactly where the Patriots would go from there.