5 Patriots Who Won't Survive the Season Following 1-5 Start

Which New England Patriots players are on the chopping block this year?
New England Patriots
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3. Bill O'Brian, OC

You don't just want to be firing your offensive coordinator every year, but I think the Patriots assumed bringing Bill O'Brien back would help Mac Jones progress, and that process is clearly taking too much time. Either that, or whatever happened to Mac Jones in his second NFL season has permanently wrecked him, as far as the coaching and situation last year.

Whatever the case may be, NFL teams don't often just sit on their hands when a unit is performing as horribly as we've seen the Patriots' offense perform so far this season. Bill O'Brien is definitely not solely to blame for that, but the quarterback and play-caller are going to receive the brunt of blame, there's no question about it.

Up to this point, there's no truth to the rumor that they're going to officially change their name to the New England "Patrits" because there's no "o" to speak of right now.

All kidding aside, O'Brien has to be considered on the hot seat. This is not exactly a developing offensive group out there. Mac Jones made the Pro Bowl in his rookie season, for crying out loud. What does this team need to do to even just get to a competent level offensively?

Right now, they are somehow only 31st in the NFL at 12.0 points per game through six weeks.