5 Patriots Who Won't Survive the Season Following 1-5 Start

Which New England Patriots players are on the chopping block this year?
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4. Rhamondre Stevenson, RB

When it rains, it pours. The New England Patriots offense may just need to be gutted at this point, and one of the areas of this team where we usually see a committee is at the running back position. The Patriots don't really have that this year. Instead, they have chosen to go more of the "bell-cow" route with Rhamondre Stevenson taking on arguably his most significant carry share as a pro.

On pace for over 220 carries, Stevenson is also on pace for his worst year as a professional in terms of yards per carry. Last year, he averaged a whopping 5.0 yards per carry, tough for any running back in the NFL to do, and this year, he's at 3.0 yards per carry.


Not all of that falls on the running back, either. A lot of that falls on the offensive line, play calling, play sequencing, and the success of your passing game. But when nobody on the offense is having success, nobody on the offense is having success.

The Patriots have gotten better contributions in fewer carries so far this season from veteran Ezekiel Elliott. Elliott has 14 first down runs compared to Stevenson's 12, and he's done that with 30 fewer carries. Over the weekend, Stevenson finally broke free for his longest run of the year -- just 15 yards.

If he doesn't pick things up quickly, he might lose his job to the veteran Elliott.