5 Patriots Who Won't Survive the Season Following 1-5 Start

Which New England Patriots players are on the chopping block this year?
New England Patriots
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5. The offensive line

You can't have any success offensively without your offensive line winning, and the Patriots' offensive line has been getting clowned this season.

A team with a struggling young quarterback cannot afford to have poor offensive line play. Just when you really boil it down, what does that mean? It means way more than just having poor protection. It means you're not winning at the line of scrimmage, and therefore you can't have any sort of balance or flow offensively. Not to mention, you've got to deal with penalties on the offensive line putting your offense in bad situations in the first place.

The Patriots are averaging more penalties per game this year overall than they were last year, and they had an ugly 10 penalties in their loss against the Raiders, including two to start the game.

The offensive line is not the only area being penalized but only one team (Saints) has been called for more holding penalties than the Patriots this year (9) and between their 9 holding penalties and 8 false starts, the Patriots offensive line certainly should be coming under a bit of fire.

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