5 Realistic Patriots Trades at the Deadline

With the 2023 NFL Trade Deadline approaching, the New England Patriots can decide whether to be sellers, or buyers

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Add G Ezra Cleveland from the Vikings

One thing Bill Belichick's teams are often known for is winning at the line of scrimmage. They've been able to boast some impressive linemen, especially on the offensive side of the ball. In 2023, that hasn't been the case.

New England has had a lot of trouble getting their offense rolling and while players such as Mac Jones deserve some criticism, the offensive line hasn't helped much. They're especially susceptible in the middle of the line where Sidy Sow and Cole Strange come in as PFF's 60th and 65th-ranked guards respectively.

If they truly want to turn things around, they need to find a way to fix this and one option could be to call the Minnesota Vikings about Ezra Cleveland. An offensive tackle while at Boise State, Cleveland moved inside to guard and has been solid as a run blocker while also allowing a very low pressure rate in pass protection.

He's also a name that Brad Spielberger of PFF thinks could be available.

Cleveland is dealing with a foot injury but if it's not serious, he's someone who could be moved, especially with the Vikings paying Dalton Risner who is another starting-caliber guard.