5 Things Boston Fans Don't Want to Admit About the Red Sox

Has the legendary franchise lost its way?
5 things Boston fans don't want to admit about the Red Sox.
5 things Boston fans don't want to admit about the Red Sox. / Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports
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2. Alex Cora Isn't That Good of a Manager

Cora won 108 regular-season games and a championship in his first year as Boston's manager in 2018, and he clearly did a great job. Since then, however, his performance is lacking, and he's now one of the most overrated managers in the sport.

With the amount of talent that Dave Dombrowski assembled, a two-year-old could've managed that 2018 team to the title. Since then, however, Cora and his players have not dealt well with adversity.

Cora has missed the playoffs in three of his last four years at the helm, and some of that falls on him. He pushed his pitching staff insanely hard during the 2018 postseason, then failed to properly prepare them for the 2019 season. The last two years have been an endless blur of baserunning errors, terrible fielding, questionable bullpen management and weird lineup construction, all of which reflects on Cora.

For the last two years, the main theme of Cora's press conferences has been "We need to play better." Great, so when is that actually going to happen?

His team finished with the same record both years, 78-84. The Red Sox have also been terrible after the trade deadline three years in a row now, so Cora clearly isn't keeping his team motivated down the stretch.

I'm not sure why ownership loves this guy so much and refuses to fire him. The 2018 title was nice, but that was five years ago. It's time to stop living in the past and bring in a new voice to lead this team.