5 Upcoming Free Agents the Patriots Will Let Walk

Which 2024 Patriots free agents are likely going to walk?
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The New England Patriots only have four games left in what has been a mostly forgettable 2023 season, and with just four games left, we know major changes are looming. How major will those changes be? Well, that remains to be seen. Could this finally be the year Bill Belichick moves on? Are we looking at the Patriots officially moving on from the biggest piece of the dynasty?

Even absent Bill Belichick moving on, you can expect a ton of changes in New England once again in 2024. This is a roster in need of plenty of change, which means that you'll likely see a lot of this team's free agents leaving to go elsewhere in 2024 as the Pats look to revamp the roster and get new players in the building.

Which free agents will most likely be playing elsewhere in 2024?

1. Hunter Henry, TE

The New England Patriots signed both Hunter Henry and Jonnu Smith at the tight end position in 2021 free agency, and I think the Pats missed out on an opportunity to get maximum value for both of these guys. While the Patriots were able to trade Jonnu Smith to the Falcons in the offseason, they apparently decided they weren't going to trade Hunter Henry, who has quite a bit more value.

Henry caught a pair of touchdown passes on Thursday night against the Pittsburgh Steelers, and I think even with flashes throughout the 2023 season, he's proven to prospective buyers on the tight end market in 2024 that he's still got it.

I think Henry will leave New England in 2024 and get a solid multi-year contract elsewhere.